Friday, October 28, 2016

Don’t Want to Visit a Walk-In Clinic? Follow These Safe-Raking Tactics

Many people love the fall season for its briskness, colors and relaxing atmosphere. However, there’s one not so tiny problem: the leaves that accumulate on your yard. Face it: You will be spending weekends raking your lawn. It’s a tiring activity that can strain your muscles and cause an injury.

This is why it’s essential to follow the right steps to prevent injuries from raking that could require an urgent care visit in Lynnwood.

Use the Right Tools

Your safety while raking leaves can depend on the tool you use. Avoid rakes that are too big and heavy for you; opt for the one that’s lighter and easier to handle. Similarly, don’t use too short of a rake. It’s also not advisable to continue using an old, rusty rake. It’s best to buy a more efficient new rake in pursuit of preventing injury. Read more from this blog:

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